Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day 2009

It's time to do something green for a day. But why just one day?! Here are some suggestions you can live with.

Carry your own bags to the store. - Yall know I'm all about this and I forget on a regular basis. Make an effort to show up with your own bag.

Recycle those plastic bags. - Yes, it would be easier to put them in the trash. But you can take them back to the store where they will be recycled. And then you can be sure yours isn't flying in a tree or stuck on a fence somewhere.

Save water by watering wisely. - You can actually lose water to evaporation if you water during the day. Check out this link for more tips on using water wisely. (You are paying for it.)

Recycle your stuff. - We all want to do this, right? Pass clothes on to someone else. Give our used pots and pans to the needy. Sell our couch at a garage sale. See this link for other ideas. (I knew you wanted to feel better about something......)

Take car of your car. - Didn't know this was green? Keeping tires inflated correctly and changing your oil regularly contribute to more fuel efficiency and lower fuel bills.

Lastly, I'm adding a blog for you to check out. Everybody I know wants a bargain..... See the Green Cheapskate for greener, cheaper tips.