Saturday, November 29, 2008

Posting :-)

I didn't shop yesterday. I thought I might go for a $59 Guitar Hero at Target but I knew I'd have to be in line a 5:00 am, to get into the store when it opened a 6:00 am, to buy one of the 5 $59 Guitar Heroes that they had.

I'd rather pony up the extra $40. If Santa even buys it, which I'm not sure she (or he) wants to.

I'm not surprised by people who do go at 5:oo am - there are some good deals out there. I've been in the lines, I've gotten all my toys bought by 7:00. I scored my own Christmas gift last year at 6:00 am. It can be hard to pass up a $398 desktop or a $598 40 inch flat-screen TV - those are some bargains.

But are they enough of a bargain to trample someone to death? Yankees.
Or pull a handgun and open fire in a store? CaliforniCrazees.

What is wrong with people?!


Sarah said...

Yeah -- you know a Wal-Mart employee was trampled to death in New York? SOUNDS like the start of a bad joke, but, no, it is a horrific statement of our times. I saw the Guitar Hero sale, too -- how do you know there were only 5? Do you think I would have gotten a special handicap pass since I wouldn't have been able to run?

Sarah said...

Sorry -- I missed your link. You're on top of the awful news of the day...

Susan said...

All this madness is just silly. It's just STUFF! Basta ma gida!