Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My West Texas Girl

My daughter says some funny stuff:

We were driving down 280 in Birmingham (between Lakeshore and 459, for those of you that know) and Abbie asked Jim, "How do you know where you're going?" After Jim and I laughed, she said, "It all looks the same."

Jim explained that you have to know where you're going and watch for the turns. He also made some smart-aleck comment about it coming right up on you and being surprised by the turn.

Abbie then said, "There's just too many trees."

Yes, Sweetie, that's a common complaint from those of us that live in West Texas.


Sarah said...

Yes, I almost cried on an East Texas highway while I was feeling the familiar cradle of pine trees on either side of the highway and both of my kids were FREAKING OUT about how claustorphobic they were. Bless. We are raising desert cactus babies out here.

Sarah said...

Shoot -- it's 'claustrophobic'. now I feel better...! :-)

Anonymous said...

We felt the same way when we moved to Gainesville, Florida and again recently traveling in Tennessee!

Miss you!


Tammy M. said...

Maybe that's why I get lost when I am driving, because of the tree's.

Teresa C said...

That's too funny. John always says that he could not live anywhere with that many trees! I love them, but he loves that West Texas open view.