Saturday, April 01, 2006

Keep Praying

I know some of you are praying for us as we travel and I appreciate it so much. We had a near miss on the way here and I know it was God protecting us.

We were in Shreveport and there was some rain. We saw there
was a wreck about 40 yards ahead. Jim put on the brakes and I looked down.(I have an irrational fear of sliding into the back of a car on a slick road.) We were on a bridge and the pick up behind us pulled onto the left shoulder to avoid hitting us.
Then the fun started. A panel truck (AAron Rents) hit the small car behind the truck and sent it spinning all the way to the right. Then the panel truck went left hitting the big pickup at about our left, rear quarter panel. We not only heard but felt the crash. The pickup ended up in front of us (on the left shoulder) and the panel truck was about even with us. The whole thing scared the stew out of me!

I know it was God protecting us. Thanks for praying for our save return to Abilene.


Tammy M. said...

We are praying, but don't remember when you are coming home. Today I hope.

Anonymous said...

We've missed you guys. Stay safe.

Sarah said...

Miss you much!! Those crazy Louisiana drivers! Praying for you all to come back to us in one piece. Be safe!

AbbieCRAZY said...

HEY we're driving home on Sunday - tommorrow!

stephc said...

Hope everything else went well at the wedding. I will be praying for you tomorrow.